It is Time for New Leadership

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Dale Snyder, the current commissioner was on KPQ yesterday. When asked about foreseeable problems and challenges Douglas County faces he replied that maintaining the current road system and expanding infrastructure was going to be difficult. Dale mentioned that Douglas County does not have the revenue it did 6 or 7 years ago when the housing market was booming. Not five minutes later in the discussion he mentions how they (Douglas County) embraced growth and there are developments everywhere.

Really, where are all these developments?

Does Dale even realize he contradicted his own statement? If we have all this growth why does he say they don’t have the revenue to maintain roads? Dale Snyder has failed to manage the growth, he has failed to provide affordable housing, and he has failed to establish an environment that will create jobs. It is time for new leadership, leadership with fresh ideas, leadership that is willing to work with its constituents and leadership that creates opportunity and can move Douglas County in a positive direction! If you want that leadership, support and Vote for Kyle Steinburg.